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The site ( offers islamic education through easy to understand free online courses on the sources and contents of Islam. Study Islam through these online courses based on the Quran, Sunnah and Hadith.

All courses are self-study courses which have no time restriction. Evaluation is done online. Study Islam from the comfort of your home at your own convenience. The site follows an open registration policy. Anyone can register for the courses.


(Participants can only select three courses at a time)
Arrangement of the Quran More  
Belief in God More  
Belief in the Hereafter More  
Belief in the Prophets More  
Family and Marriage: Core Issues More  
Family and Marriage: Related Issues More  
Hajj and 'Umrah More  
History of the Quran More  
Interpreting the Quran More  
Introduction to the Hadith More  
Islamic Customs and Etiquette More  
Islamic Punishments: Basic Directives More  
Islamic Punishments: Misconceptions More  
Issues Related to Interest More  
Language of the Quran More  
Norms of Gender Interaction More  
Preaching Islam More  
Revelation of the Quran More  
Supplications of Muhammad (sws) More  
Surah `Adiyat More  
Surah `Asr More  
Surah A`la More  
Surah Alam Nashrah More  
Surah 'Alaq More  
Surah Balad More  
Surah Bayyinah More  
Surah Buruj More  
Surah Duha More  
Surah Fajr More  
Surah Falaq More  
Surah Feel More  
Surah Ghashiyah More  
Surah Humazah More  
Surah Ikhlas More  
Surah Inshiqaq More  
Surah Kafirun More  
Surah Lahab More  
Surah Layl More  
Surah Ma'un More  
Surah Nas More  
Surah Nasr More  
Surah Qadr More  
Surah Qariah More  
Surah Quraysh More  
Surah Shams More  
Surah Takathur More  
Surah Tariq More  
Surah Tin More  
Surah Zilzal More  
Ten Qualities of a Good Muslim More  
The Directives of Jihad More  
The Fast More  
The Prayer More  
The Religion of Islam More  
The Ritual of Animal Sacrifice More  
The Zakah More  
Theme of the Quran More  
Understanding Islamic Dietary Laws More  
Understanding Islamic Political Directives More  
Understanding the Sunnah More