Level 3C - In Search of the Truth

Level 3 - C

Level 3 - C

In Search of the Truth


Course Overview:

Are you looking for a class where the details of Islamic regulations are being taught? Are you looking to find a clear cut answers to all your religious questions? Do you want to see how Islam can guide you through every affair of your day to day life? Do you want to know what the definitions for wajib, fardh, mustahab, makruh and other juristic terminologies are? Do you want to learn all that is known as sunnah for performing your prayers and other religious rituals? Do you want to learn how to recite the Qur’an?
Then this class is not for you!
In this class instead of emphasizing terminologies and definitions, we emphasize on understanding concepts and principles. Instead of feeding you with answers that are labeled as definite and unnegotiable we discuss with you the logical premises, knowledge base and reasoning that can be utilized by you to help you reach reliable answers. Instead of encouraging you to recite the Qur’an in Arabic to gain reward, you will be encouraged to understand the meaning of the Qur’an to gain guidance.
In this class, you are not a silent passive student. You will be contributing in making the class richer and more informative by your presentations, comments, arguments and counter arguments as well as your questions.
This is why the class is called ‘In the Search of Truth’. We are not telling you what we think the Truth is. Rather, we discuss with you how to search for the Truth!
With the above premises, the class covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from some conceptual ones like why God creates and why He wants us to worship Him, to principles like the criteria for going to heaven or hell, down to more practical issues like relationships, behaviour with non-Muslims, music, terrorism, and more. 

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  • Instructor: To Be Decided
  • Medium: English
  • Class Duration: 1 hour
  • Session Length: 1 year (34 lessons)
  • Class Day/Time: To Be Decided 
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    • We encourage you to submit your registration(s) even if the class time doesn't suit you because of your particular time zone. Depending on the total number of registrations received from your time zone, we may announce additional sections of this course more suited to your time.
  • Recommended Age: 17 & above (Expectations can be considered)

Course Outline:


Click here to see the Syllabus Booklet.

Any additional reading material (if needed) for each lecture will be made available for download by the teacher before the class. 

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