Level 2 - B

Level 2 - B

Introduction to Islam


Course Overview:

This course will focus on teaching the students the true essence of Islam, which is purity. The lectures focus on introducing the students to the basic concepts of Islam and encouraging them to see how they are all aimed at our purification.  It will, at this stage be encouraged that the students learn to rationally evaluate the subject matter presented. Prophet’s hadith and Quranic verses will be used to elaborate and explain the topic being discussed. Classes will be taught using GoToMeeting.
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Course Objectives:

The aim of this course is to ensure that we are able to rationalize the basic commandments of God as well as the reason for our existence in the eyes of God. By the end of this course students would be able to:
  • Rationally evaluate the basic concepts in religion. 
  • Be aware of the sole purpose of religion, which is purification.
  • Learning to purify our body, thoughts and soul.



  • Instructor: Muhammad Hassan Ilyas
  • Medium: English
  • Class Duration: 55 minutes
  • Session Length: 1 year (34 lessons)
  • Class Day/Time: 6 PM EDT (US Eastern Time) - Sunday
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    • We encourage you to submit your registration(s) even if the class time doesn't suit you because of your particular time zone. Depending on the total number of registrations received from your time zone, we may announce additional sections of this course more suited to your time.
  • Recommended Age: 12-15 years (Expectations can be considered)

Course Outline:

Click here to see the Syllabus Booklet.

Any additional reading material (if needed) for each lecture will be made available by the teacher before the class. 

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