Level 1 - A

Level 1 - A

Nazirah Quran At the platform of Al-Mawrid




Quran is the primary religious text for all Muslims and divine guidance for all people. It is the touchstone of our faith. We recite it in our five daily prayers.

Therefore, it is obligatory for us to learn Quran. The process starts with its correct pronunciation (Nazirah-Quran). Additionally, for five daily prayers a Muslim memorizes its suras (chapters) and for its preservation memorize it completely.

For children of primary/elementary level we offer three Quranic-courses:



1.      Nazira-Quran

2.      Memorization of some surahs (from Qaf to Al-nas i.e. last four Parts/Siparas)

3.      Translation of the memorized part of the Quran


Class Days

1.      Weekend classes: Saturday and Sunday

2.      Three days a week: Student`s own selected days

3.      Five days a week: (Sats and Suns off/on)


Course Types

1.     Five (5) days a week - No weekends - $50/month USD

2.    Three (3) days a week - MWF - $35/month USD

3.    Two (2) days a week - Sat & Sun - $30/month USD

Class Structure

Individual learning (one to one; teacher and student only)

Note: All Classes are 30 min duration and will be taught using Skype.





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